before i die

Before I Die

Before I Die is coming to Nashville, Sept. 14-21.  Before I Die is a global community art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal hopes and dreams in public. The original wall was created on an abandoned house in a neighborhood in New Orleans by someone who had lost a loved one. Since then people have created walls in their own communities and there are now over 2,000 walls in over 35 languages and over 70 countries. The is a positive civic engage- ment project to help us restore perspective, understand our neighbors in new and enlightening ways, and improve the well-being of our communities. The project has been featured on NBC, CNN, TED, and Oprah Magazine.

Before I Die is coming to Nashville as a community project of Nashville United Methodist Church.   The church will maintain the area, clean it and make sure the area looks great again when the project is done.    Share your hopes and dreams, your thoughts and needs for before you die.

Before I Die chalkboards (similar to the one shown) will be installed along Jefferson Street from Sept. 14 – 18 (possibly longer).  The public is invited to come and respond to the prompt “Before I Die I Want To…..” in whatever way is meaningful.   Chalk will be provided. (Any vulgar, hateful or inappropriate responses will be removed immediately.) As the boards are filled with responses, pictures will be taken, the boards cleaned and space made for new responses.