Update from BC Weekend Backpacks

Below are a few noteworthy points from the BC Weekend Backpack Annual Report. For the program’s September newsletter, check the Missions bulletin board; for the full report see Jan Swigert or contact the church office for a copy.

Congratulations to BC Weekend Backpacks for their good work on behalf of Brown County Schools’ children. It costs $150/child per year to provide weekend meals through the BCWB program (33 weeks). BCWB distributes about $420 worth of food to children each week during the school
year. The major fundraising event for BCWB is Touch A Truck, which raised $8,500 in June 2019. 4,342 bags of food were packed during the 2018-2019 school year. An additional 16 bags/week were packed through July to serve children in Head Start.

At an average weight of 7.25lbs/bag, 15.75 tons of good was distributed to hungry children in Brown County last year. As the 2019-2020 school year begins, BCWB is packing 118 backpacks each week to be distributed throughout the school system.

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