So what’s going on at Nashville United Methodist Church?  

In this pandemic we continue to talk to each other, share concern for each other and to seek to follow Christ.  I’m wondering:  what is on your mind these days? How are you thinking about your goals, your struggles, your issues? What are you wondering about?  

As you know I had planned to be away for the next three months and my sabbatical is postponed until next year.  So I’m regrouping a bit, thinking more than ever about worship and preaching, and I want our services to be meaningful, inspiring, and lead us to the heart of God.  

So if you have questions, thoughts and inspiration that you’d like to share, please send me an email or give me a call.  This is a challenging time and we want to come through it stronger, more connected and more aware of the gifts that God has given us to be faithful in our ministry and in our witness. How do we continue to love God, love others and pass on God’s love into the world? 

Grace and peace,

Pastor Mary 

This Week: 

  • Georgia Harris, chair, along with the rest of the Trustees, has been getting input and working to put together guidelines for the time when we will resume public worship in the sanctuary and the use of the building generally.  When the guidelines are finalized, they will be shared and everyone given plenty of time to know what to expect. And as always, no one is expected and pressured to come to worship in any way if you feel unsafe or worried.  Even when we do resume public services, our services will continue to be recorded and sent out for people to access at home.  
  • The Center for Congregations has awarded our church a technology grant that will allow us to improve our internet in the building and throughout the sanctuary, making a better experience for those watching services via the internet. The technology will include fiber optic internet, streaming licenses, a mounted camera for recording services and some new software.  Thanks go to Jim Tichenor and Kathy Roberts for writing the grant and to David Phelps who will serve as the project manager. 
  • The Missions Committee was asked to partner with St. Vincent de Paul Society and COAD to distribute food on May 16. Volunteers from our church will package and distribute food from the YMCA parking lot from 12-4 pm on Saturday, May 16 using safe practices. If you need food or know others who do, please help spread the word that this resource is available.