JUNE 26TH – It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

Dear Friends, 

The peace of the Lord be with you!

Click on the link below and you’ll find information about our In-Person Worship services beginning on July 5 at 9:30 a.m.! 


We also begin live streaming that day so you can also watch the service from home while it is happening. (a recording will also be available for those who cannot tune in at 9:30) 

If you plan to come to worship in person please plan to wear a mask. We hope you’ll bring your own but there will be extras available.  Everything I have read indicates that mask wearing and frequent hand washing significant lowers one’s chances of getting the virus.  Because so many people do not ever have symptoms, each of us has to assume that we have the virus and could pass it on.  I don’t want anyone to get sick by coming to church!  

At the Wednesday Listening Prayer group this week we read the story in Matthew of Jesus feeding the 5000.  And after everyone had enough to eat, there was twelve baskets full leftover.  Abundance. Let us not focus on what we don’t have or what is missing but what we are given.  And when we look around at our neighbors let us consider how we can be a part of God’s plan to give that same abundance to those who are missing it. 

Blessings in Christ, 

Pastor Mary

  • Tomorrow on the Village Green stop by (in your mask) and sign a Habitat Stud (2×4) that will be built into the new Habitat house. Donations accepted! 
  • The Zoom invitation for Sunday’s Worship was sent via email. It will also come to you in another email along with the YouTube link or you can find them both on Facebook!