It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

Tomorrow is the 1st Sunday of October and it’s the season of FallFare! 

Now is the time to share your gifts with others through FallFare 2020.  Donate to FallFare either online (click the button below) or by sending or bringing a check with “FallFare” in the Memo line. 

I’ll miss the arrival of helpers arriving before daylight for setup — the prayer and the ringing of the bell starting the shopping day — Georgia Harris’ apple dumplings with a cup of coffee.  FallFare casserole — those hundreds of pieces of pie wheeled out throughout the day — the ‘ooh-la-la’ of choosing a new scarf or the perfect necklace at the Boutique — NUMY jacket potatoes filled with cheese and butter. Raking walnuts to keep shoppers from tripping over them, grabbing a bag of freshly picked apples, perusing the artwork and the beautiful handmade items — enjoying a moment with a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout as they engage the crowd. Even the fatigue at the end of the day comes with a great sense of accomplishment and pleasure. Smiling faces, time with friends, the joy of a fall day.  

What will you miss? What gives you delight in thinking about FallFare?

 The goal of FallFare has always been twofold really — to reach out to the community with funds for missions and also to work together in friendship and Christian love in a common purpose that  builds up the body of Christ. Fortunately, both can still happen even in the midst of a pandemic.  We continue to give of our financial resources for the work of missions.  And we continue to support and care for each other in the life of the church. So even though we miss FallFare, our work in Christ continues! Thanks for all that you do to make that happen.

Pastor Mary

Every FallFare dollar is a gift to someone in need!