Christmas Props and Costumes

Dear Friends, 

We will be having a Christmas play! Families will come in one at a time to record each part so we can stay socially distant and safe and then put the recording together for a “pageant” for our Christmas Eve service.

I am in need of some help with props and costumes to make this come to life. If have any of the following that you would be willing to loan, donate or make, please let me know by emailing me at as soon as possible. I know we have lots of crafty folks in our congregation and this is a great way to help everyone prepare for the Christmas season.  

  • 6 beards 
  • treasure boxes for wise men 
  • shepherd crooks
  • stuffed farm animals — donkey, sheep, pig, cow, etc. 
  • bales of straw
  • wooden for stable 
  • halos for angel costumes (or the materials to create them)

As always thank you all for your support of the church’s ministry with children and families!