It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

Advent Film Festival Starts Sunday! 

I know you got the email about this week’s movie — I hope you’ll sign up to see it and join the small group discussion. THE FILM FESTIVAL IS DESIGNED TO BE SAFE — you can watch the movies from home or individually at the church at your convenience!   Three of the movies are available on DVD from the church. Use this link to sign up to watch the movies at the church and also to sign up for the discussions.

The first discussion will take place via Zoom with Norman and Becky Courtney Knight leading the discussion.

All the movies are available on Amazon Prime if that’s available to you. For many it’s not so that’s why we are also showing the films at the church at varying times. Here’s the WEEKLY schedule of films but the times for showings is in the link above for SignUp Genius. 

Nov. 15      Defiant Requiem      available free on Amazon Prime; you can also learn more about the film on
Nov. 22      Girls on the Wall      available for $1.99 on Amazon Prime video; you can also check out the “Behind the Scenes” clip on YouTube. 
Nov. 29     The Singing Revolution  is available on Amazon Prime for $3.99 (or Vimeo on Demand for $3.99, too).  Be sure to watch the bonus features! Can also borrow DVD from church. 
Dec. 6      Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voices!  Available on Amazon Prime for $1.99.  Also can borrow DVD from church. 
Dec. 13   Following the Ninth.  Go to YouTube and find Move Director Kerry Candaele’s  channel  and you can watch it for free. Also can borrow DVD from church. 

Each week you’ll receive a more detailed description and the connection information for the discussions. 

Finally, the film festival is designed to help us all consider faith in dark times. It is designed to see how others have found strength and hope  through music. It is designed to encourage conversation with others about how they are coping and dealing with the challenges of today. It is designed to help you respond to this phrase:  “I Believe Even When….”

What are you wondering about in these challenging times? How might the experience of others help you?  

The Advent Film Festival is a chance to get a new perspective! 

Blessings always, 

Pastor Mary