March 19th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

Lenten Worship Series 
Ordinary Objects — Extraordinary Grace 

What does oil have to do with the grace of God? 

In biblical times oil was used for cleansing and also for anointing as a sign of God’s blessing. Think, for example, of the familiar words of Psalm 23: “thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” Today we might think of rubbing lotion on the hands of a loved one who is ill or gently putting salve on lips that have dried out following surgery.  

There’s a strong connection between simple acts of compassion and experiencing the grace of God. 

Come and hear inspiring stories of those who step out in faith with the ‘oil of compassion’ and who demonstrate the grace of our loving God! Join us for worship on Sunday!

Pastor Mary

Most years we have an UMCOR Sunday — this year we’ll have an UMCOR giving month!  Your March offerings for UMCOR go to support the vital work of our UM relief agency.  Then when disaster strike, 100% of funds given go directly to those in need!  

Give online or send checks to the church and put UMCOR in the memo line. 

Speaking out against the recent violence against Asian-Americans and specially the women who were killed in Atlanta, the United Methodist Women of the United Methodist Church issued this statement. 

“Today, United Methodist Women mourns with the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. We mourn with the victims’ families. We decry both the recent upsurge in attacks against Asian American communities and the racist myths upon which they’re built. We lament the long-standing and lethal tradition of sexualized violence targeting Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander women in the United States. Until the violence ends, we weep as Jesus weeps. We renew our commitment to fight for racial justice for all people while paying specific attention to the ways race and gender intersect to uniquely target women of color.”

The statement goes on to cite the history of policies against Asian Americans and the surge of hate crimes against Asians during the pandemic. 

We mourn the tragedies that led to the need for such a statement, we long for God’s love to overcome such hatred and violence, and we pray for the courage to speak out on behalf of those who are targeted for such acts of terror.