April 9th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

A friend of mine posted the above photo on Facebook. What a great comparison. We practice stoical responses and are determined to be “fine” even though we feel fragile or struggle with different circumstances and difficult issues. It’s important to be reminded that God’s love for us and our love for each other is not based on “having it all together” but is grounded in the delight God has in putting us back together when we do fall apart. Remember the story of the man who was lame and was begging in the temple?  Peter’s response to him was, “I do not have silver and gold to help you but in the name of Jesus Christ, stand up and walk!” (Acts 3). 

The Book of Acts is full of stories of daring and triumph, confusion and failure but through it all the Spirit keeps leading and guiding the church.  It’s an amazing book. Join us for worship — in person or online — as we explore “Catching Up with the Spirit in the Book of Acts” in the upcoming weeks of the Easter season! 

Blessings always, 
Pastor Mary