June 18th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

Many feel like setting off fireworks in celebration of re-opening the church for full attendance. We look forward to greeting one another in person and worshipping God together in the physical company of our brothers and sisters in Christ!  

The following guidelines are now in place beginning Sunday, June 20.  

1.  Attendance is back to normal. All are welcome. 
2.  Vaccinated people: 

  •     No masks required. 
  •     No social distancing required. 
  •     Hugs optional. Please continue to be respectful of each person’s comfort zone.  

3.  The church will continue to provide: 

  • Masks and hand sanitizer.
  • A seating area for those who prefer to sit physically distant. 

4.  Touch-less Worship Experience. 
Offering plates will not be passed, but hymnals will be used as desired and singing is allowed. We will continue to share in Holy Communion with the use of individuals cups and wafers. 

As always, please make careful decisions about your own personal safety needs and preferences. Remember Christ calls us to do no harm. It is important to be attentive to people’s ongoing health concerns and the safety needs of people who come to worship but who have not received the vaccine. Wearing a mask is perfectly acceptable, and it is also acceptable if you choose not to wear a mask. 

Dear Friends, 

It’s always great to be away on vacation and great to be home. I’m grateful to Jay Hancock and David Hayes for leading us in worship while I was away and to all of you for making vacation time possible! 

A highlight of our trip was watching baby hawks preparing to leave the nest high up in a tree behind the house where we stayed at Oak Island, NC. Amazing to see those young (but not tiny!) birds pop their heads up to look around. Often they would perch on the edge of the nest as if to say, “I’m almost ready but the time is not yet!” 

As we enter this new phase of pandemic recovery, with fewer masks and fewer restrictions, we feel almost ready to fly and that’s a great feeling. At the same time the consequences of the pandemic are still with us; people have lingering concerns about safety and we’re still recovering from the many losses that have been experienced. Let’s continue to watch over one another in love and celebrate the strength and resilience that God has given to us over the past months. 

Blessings always, 
Pastor Mary