July 16th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

Have you ever walked a prayer labyrinth?

It’s an intricate pathway. As you begin a labyrinth walk, you start by heading straight toward the middle, but then twists and turns take you different directions. Sometimes you are close to the middle but then a turn will take you far out to the outer edge of the circle. Eventually you come out of the twists and turns right at the center.

For many, the center symbolizes the heart of God. All of the twists and turns are the various places we find ourselves in life — sometimes we are close to God; sometimes we feel far away; but God is always at the center and the path draws us in.Through the twists and turns we are transformed and brought into deeper relationship with God. 

The labyrinth is essentially a learning tool — learning about your relationship with God. Teachers say that the learning process is 3-fold: you learn something, you say what you learned, and then you say what difference it makes.

Our series “Faith Lessons from the Pandemic” is another learning tool for us all. Each person’s reflections have given us a chance to stop and ask, “Ok, (1) this has been a time of change and learning. (2) What have Ilearned through these months of pandemic? (3) What difference does it make?”

What we learn about ourselves — and what we learn about our life together as a church — prepares us for the next steps that will come our way. 

What faith lessons have you learned from the pandemicWhat faith lessons have we learned togetherWhat difference does it make

Blessings always, 

Pastor Mary