September 3rd

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

The need is great for people in flood and hurricane zones. We can help. At church on Sunday we will receive a special UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) offering. Make checks payable to NUMC marked UMCOR or give directly by going to

Your financial support of our congregation’s ministry is also critical. We’re facing a significant shortfall for 2021. Be sure to check out Bruce Marks’ letter in the upcoming church newsletter. 

Why is money a spiritual issue?  

Money is a loving response. When someone is in need, often the only way to be of real help is to spend money. Flood buckets, new clothes, home repair — it all costs money and we respond with compassion when we give. 

Money is a faithful response. To be faithful in worship requires money. Beautiful worship spaces, meals when friends gather, guest musicians, new music, salaries for church staff — it all costs money and we respond with faithfulness when we give. 

Money is a hopeful response. There is much trouble in the world. People are hurting, but God calls us to be the ones who affirm the goodness of God — to affirm the biblical message:  Do not be afraid for I am with you. Sharing the Gospel with young people is hopeful and it costs money.  Providing nurture and care to people all of all ages is hopeful and costs money. Creating an outdoor space to gather is hopeful and it costs money. Investing in the well-being of the community is hopeful and costs money.

Faith, hope, love abide:  these three, and the greatest of these is love (I Corinthians 13). Money is a spiritual matter.

Grace and peace, 
Pastor Mary

IN-PERSON WORSHIP:  Brown County is in the ‘red’ on the ISDH Covid dashboard so people should exercise caution about gathering indoors in public. We will continue to wear masks for worship. Please consider your own circumstances — are you exposed to a lot of people that might cause you to bring Covid into the building? are you vaccinated? is your health compromised already? are you willing to practice safety precautions like mask wearing and physical distancing? The worship team (Pastor Mary, Tammera, Tech Team, etc.) will be leading worship in person each Sunday.  We hope you’ll be there with us either online or in-person. We are planning for more interactive worship with people who are online beginning in mid-September.