October 15th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

The Finance Committee was mulling over the church’s finances and they asked each other, “why do I give?” Ruthann Bailey’s response to the question was this:

When our daughter Marla was young, we wanted her to have faith. We wanted her to know the connection with God and with other people that is the church. Martin and I knew what we had received, and we wanted to pay it forward. And Marla did so much to pay it forward in her life! We remember Marla and honor God in our giving to keep the church vital and alive. We pay it forward.

Ruthann’s words touched the hearts of those present and “Pay It Forward” became the theme for this year’s Stewardship Campaign. 

It is no small thing to be the church — to worship God, to allow God’s message to be read and proclaimed, to be Christ’s ambassadors of love and grace. 

It is no small thing to seek forgiveness when we fail and to start again as followers of Jesus. 

It is no small thing to take a look at your heart and see the kind of commitment that you can make to pay it forward in the name of for Jesus Christ. 

I hope that over these next weeks as you hear stories like Ruthann’s and learn more about the vision for 2022 that you’ll pay it forward with an increased pledge to support our ministry together. 

Blessings in Christ, 
Pastor Mary