December 6th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

John the Baptist & Jesus

Honestly, John the Baptist was never amongst my favorite Bible Characters. His preaching style was more like an angry prophet—brusque and in-your-face. He ate weird stuff, and he dressed funny. In the CHOSEN series, Simon Peter calls him “Creepy John.” That kind of works for me.

But his role is the central one in the Christ story. He job was predicted in the Old Testament, as one who would prepare the way for Jesus. His preaching is called “good news,” even though it couldn’t have felt comfortable for those to whom he preached. Finally, I have taught for years that we can’t just skip parts of the gospels, simply because we don’t like them. 

So Sunday, we come face to face with a rebel, a rabble-rouser of the holy type. And we will consider his message, and wrestle with what it means to us. 

It is Friday. But Sunday (and the message of Creepy John) is coming!

Pastor David

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a special night in the Christian year. We celebrate the birth of Jesus, and light the “Christ Candle.” We read the Christmas Story, and we sing carols, and enjoy a Celtic music concert leading up to our service. Together we celebrate the coming of Jesus.  Let’s plan together to be a part of this year’s festivities!