January 15th

It’s Friday Saturday and Sunday’s Comin’!

Stubborn Sermon

So Jesus goes to a wedding and changes plentiful water into remarkable wine. I’ve been wracking my brain for a few weeks about how to make that into sermon material! How can I get something from this that will change our lives or our world? 

On Wednesday, while walking through the sanctuary and reminding God of this conundrum, an idea came to me. Let me encourage you to read John 2:1-11 before Sunday, and see what edifying thoughts arrive in your mind.

Body Life

Another text this Sunday is from I Corinthians 12:4-11. These verses, and those which follow, present us with a picture of the church functioning as a body; each part coordinating along with all of the others to accomplish the tasks of Jesus in our world. This idea works very well with the John text above. Can you see a reason why?

And speaking of body life, the Small Group Seminar has been set back to February 13, 20 and 27. We will enjoy a lunch together and learn insights into just how such groups can enhance our ability to function as the body of Christ in our world. We will introduce at least 3-4 various styles of small groups. All of this paid for by the Lilly Clergy Renewal Endowment the church has been gifted. 

Christ Candle

Throughout the recent season of advent, we lit candles nestled in the advent wreath. There were four candles surrounding the larger white candle in the center. Together we enjoyed the brightening of our hope, week by week. Finally, on Christmas Eve, we lit the largest candle. We referred to it as the “Christ Candle.” It represented to us the incarnation, or enfleshment of God on earth in Jesus, who we know as the Christ. 

This year, when the advent candles had all been lit and put away, we kept the white “Christ Candle” front and center in the sanctuary. Each week it is lit at the beginning of our worship gathering representing Christ’s presence with us when we gather. At the end of the service, the light is carried out, representing our going out of the building in order to be the person and presence of Jesus in the world. 

See you Sunday!