January 28th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

The Sharp Edge of A Zero-Sum Gospel

It’s Friday…
This Sunday “the other shoe drops” in Jesus’ hometown debut sermon. In the first half of the sermon–which was our focus last week, he got off to a great start. This week, he has a conclusion that doesn’t set well with the home folk. Find out what got Jesus in trouble at homecoming, this Sunday. Or, if you’d like, you can peek at Luke 14:21-30 before then.

New Church Council
It was encouraging for me to hear from the Church Council as they began a new year of meetings on Tuesday night. Pray for them as they lead the way into the future, with an eye toward refining direction and vision. There is important work to do in the days ahead. 

More than You See!
An important detail I learned at the meeting was that as of that day, 20 different computers had logged into, and watched our Sunday worship service. By the end of last week’s service, one of them reported that 7 people had been watching in there home. Three were watching from one Florida home of which I’m aware.  That is 2 of the 20 computers, or 1/10th of those signed-in and watching, and it represents 10 individuals. This week when we gather, remember there are likely several dozen more people in our midst, praying with us, worshiping with us, and sending regular offerings with us; yet unseen. I know I will. 

Thoroughly Mixed Up? I am…
And last Sunday I misled everyone listening to my announcements. I apologize. The Small Group Seminars will be held for two weeks beginning on February 13, NOT February 6. And we were going to have three sessions. Now we have chosen to do 2 in order to not interfere with Pastor Mary’s homecoming!  

-Pastor David Hayes