January 8th

It’s Friday Saturday and Sunday’s Comin’!

I’m looking forward to this Sunday. First, it will just be good to see everyone—just getting together after a week where we have lived at a more normal pace. I also look forward to sharing with you this week’s message, and the Sunday which we call “the baptism of our Lord“.

I truly enjoyed the message last week from Jay as he spoke about laughing in the new year. It was an excellent reminder that we should always anticipate the unanticipated, and believe that God is able to do things that we can’t imagine and don’t expect.

I’ve been thinking about Pastor Mary and Michael as they are still immersed in this time of rest and learning. It was it about this point, six weeks in to my own such sabbatical, when I remember looking at my wife and saying that I felt like I was letting go a little bit. About that time I would think of someone I really should email or text message or if somethings that I had not done before I left. Let’s keep praying for Pastor Mary as she is renewed by this time away with family, friends and time with her God.

Unhurried Grace Blog

Deb Beckinger has been working especially hard to round up correct contact information for as many NUMC members as possible. The information is important and helpful for a variety of situations. The last time the directory was widely updated was in 2016. So, if you or any other members you know of have relocated, received a new phone number or changed email addresses since then, please inform either Deb or the NUMC office.

Also, please consider donating cans of pork and beans, which will be used by the backpack program. These can[ned] be[eans] deposited into the shopping cart in the Narthex.