February 11th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

I’m a gardener. I love playing in dirt, planting hopeless looking seeds and watching them become food producing plants, or flowering decoration. And about this time every year, I get the itch to plant. Except, now at our condo, I have zero available soil. So Shelly and I have placed a few pots along the concrete edge of our driveway. 

This week I plan to preach about roots. They amaze me. And scripture has instruction for us regarding our spiritual roots. Over the years I’ve taken photographs of roots clinging to the sides of mountain rocks, and trees dangling over mountain streams, finding purchase at the water’s edge between boulders and rushing water. We can learn a great deal from the tenacity of nature’s rootedness.

This is also Scouting Sunday. We will host our local scouts and their families, hear about their adventures, and celebrate their accomplishments. They will help us in the service, provide music, and join us in a Children’s lesson. I hope you’ll join us to support these young people, their leaders and family.  

Just three week’s from this Sunday, Pastor Mary and Michael will be with us! I look forward to welcoming them back during a 9:00-10:15 time with coffee and pastry. This will also be the last Sunday of my interim preaching assignment. I have really enjoyed this time, but truly look forward to our pastor’s return, and her first sermon on March 6!

Be praying for:

  • Your Vision and Strategy Team as they get underway a week from Saturday (the 19th)
  • The Small Group Seminar beginning this Sunday afternoon
  • Pastor Mary’s return and her transition back into her pastoring role
  • All of the ministries of Nashville United Methodist Church