March 18th

It’s Friday and Sunday’s Comin’!

This wisdom from St. Teresa of Avila made me chuckle a bit because it is so practical: 

There is no need for you to compose beautifully
 worded prayers. 
Use whatever words suit your needs and desires. This is an excellent way of making progress in the spiritual life and making it quickly.

Don’t spend all your time summoning up the presence of God.
There is nothing wrong with this method of prayer, 
but enjoyable as it is, give your soul an occasional Sunday — a day of rest from your labor. 

Keep yourself in the presence of God, let your imagination work for you, but do not weary your mind or grow tired composing speeches. 
Simply set out your needs 
and acknowledge that you have no right to be always aware of God’s presence. 
There is a time for this, and a time for that. 
Observe them. 
Otherwise your soul will grow weary. 

Prayer for the whole day: Do not be anxious. 

–“Let Nothing Disturb You,” Teresa of Avila, (Ave Maria Press, 2008), p. 44-45. 

I hope that your Lenten prayers are giving you a season of simple prayers, heartfelt yearnings and trust that your prayers are heard whether you “feel” it or not. You never know when the faithfulness of those who pray will burst forth in a time of fruitfulness for the kingdom of God. 

Blessings always, 
Pastor Mary