Oct 7th

Have you ever started a question with the words, “I’ve been meaning to ask…”? 

It is a question that implies you’d like to know someone better. You’re respectfully curious and you’ve developed enough of a relationship that you feel comfortable asking a little more. And it feels good when someone asks us about ourselves, doesn’t it? 

This week as we celebrate World Communion Sunday we’ll focus on the question, “Where are you from?” Sometimes we’re skeptical of people from other places — even Christians. We might be like Nathaniel who said about Jesus, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” 

Then Nathaniel met Jesus and suddenly his assumptions and suspicions disappeared. He wanted to know more. it turns out there’s a lot more to know about Jesus than where he was from, but the story of where he grew up has an impact on what we know about him and his purpose. 

Hopefully the series will help you get to know the people who sit next to you in church and also cultivate your curiosity about those you do not yet know. 

Grace and peace, 
Pastor Mary