Nov 11th

Veterans Day is the day in the U.S. that we honor all those who have worn the nations’s uniform. Not surprisingly, many countries have a day for honoring Veterans — in Canada and Great Britain it it is called Remembrance Day and in France it is Armistice Day. Some countries have a similar day but celebrate it at a different time. It is a shared desire to give thanks for people willing to serve on behalf of others. 

Today we honor several of our members who are veterans:

Martin Bailey
David Shaffer
Randy Boer
Wes Simmonds
Casey Boley
Dennis Smith
Jim Johnson
Kurt Von Schriltz
Bob Kirlin
Jack Wescott
Bill Pruitt
Dick Young
Rod Rich
Heath Young
Richard “Dick” Routh

Thank you! 
Back in June, I sent out a Friday email with pictures of a turtle who had laid her eggs in the backyard of the parsonage. Joshua Lane carefully constructed a framework to protect the nest from predators. 

I got a text from Joshua on Saturday — the turtles are hatching! He had seen a post somewhere saying, “it’s turtle hatching time in Brown County” and had been keeping a close eye on the nest. I have to admit it was pretty cool to see those 5 little turtles dig their way out of the ground! The miracle of new life! 

I knew you’d want to see pictures: 

And here’s a short video: