February 17th

I have come to believe that Ash Wednesday is one of the more important observances of the church calendar, because it is the one day of the year when Christians insist upon actually thinking about our own death. Death is one thing we share in common so I think it’s important to think about it from time to time — not simply avoid the subject. 

It’s strange really — because thinking about one’s death tends to draw life and faith together; thinking about death turns us to thinking about the meaning and purpose of life. It makes us think about what we’d like to do in the time given to us and how we want to account for our lives before others and before God.  The ashes remind us that our old self belongs to the past and we are now alive in Christ. What is God’s purpose for us going forward? 

This year our Ash Wednesday will be a little different. The choir has prepared a beautiful anthem that will begin the service at 5:30 on Wed., Feb. 22.Then everyone will be invited to go to four different stations — each will have an activity and a reflection card. You can stay as long or as little time as you like and you can repeat the stations if you want. 

If you can’t come in person, get ready to do the stations at home. Plan to put on some music and gather a few supplies:

  • A candle or tea light (can be battery-operated)
  • a piece of clay (or PlayDough)
  • a note card and pencil
  • some ashes

I’ll send out some instructions on Wednesday and all you have to do is put on some music and be ready. 

Grace and peace, 
Pastor Mary