February 24th

Pray then like this… 

In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus said to his disciples, “Pray then like this…” and he taught them what we have come to know as The Lord’s Prayer. During Lent we’ll focus not only on the Lord’s Prayer but also on the practice of teaching prayer. 

Let’s start with a well-known way of teaching children to pray: the 5-Finger Prayer. It is a simple matter of using your hand to guide the way that you pray:

  • Thumb: pray for those closest to you, your family and friends. 
  • Index finger: pray for people who give direction like teachers, coaches, health care workers, therapists, first responders, etc. 
  • Middle finger: pray for leaders  — in church, in government, in business, in countries around the world.
  • Ring finger: pray for those who are sick, vulnerable, and most in need
  • Pinky finger: pray for yourself and your own needs

Using this way of praying every day along with the Lord’s Prayer offers a way to deepen the time you spend with God no matter what your age.

May you experience a holy and blessed Lent! 

Grace and peace, 
Pastor Mary