March 24th

Donkeys have been much in the news lately (in case you didn’t know).  

The New York Times recently reported on a Donkey Family tree–in a new study, genetics and archaeology combine to reveal the ancient origins of humanity’s first beast of burden including the fact that donkeys were first domesticated around 5000 BC — which is nearly 3000 years before horses were first harnessed. They’re not as flashy as horses but they get the job done. 

In 2022 the movie EO follows the story of a donkey who is trained to be part of a circus act but is torn away from his gentle handler. He goes on a journey across Europe and crosses paths with humans of various qualities and characteristics leading one to ask, “who are the real beasts?” 

In The Christian Century a retiring pastor describes how the donkey has served as inspiration for her ministry. Jesus chose the donkey to ride into Jerusalem, a humble animal hardly expected to make any great contribution. When she felt inadequate and unsure, the donkey reminded her that God has surprising work for each of us and empowers us to do it. 

We are nearing the end of Lent with Palm Sunday only 10 days away. Perhaps it is the  donkey that will inspire us as reflect on the way of the cross, on who Jesus chose as his friends and disciples, and on the sure-footed humility of those who know who they are and who they belong to. 

May these last days of Lent give you peace and comfort. 

Pastor Mary