April 28th

Grief is different for everyone … grief is unique…grief is like a toothache in the heart. 

The words above are from Rabbi Earl Grollman, a grief counselor who led the way in helping the world acknowledge grief and accept grief as something we cannot ignore but which we have to deal with. He came to prominence when he spoke on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood ini 1981 about the grief children experience in divorce. Below is a video clip produced about grief by WCVD in Boston and it features Rabbi Grollman talking about grief. I thought you might find it to be helpful: 

This year the Easter season has been a season of grief for us as a congregation. Some have experienced the death of loved ones; others have walked alongside those in grief providing comfort through meals, tears, words of encouragement, hugs, simply being present. 

The beauty of the Easter season is that while we acknowledge death we also look to resurrection. Resurrection does not change the reality of death but it reminds us of hope and of the gifts of life that are revealed to us at the right time by God’s grace. 

May God’s grace and peace surround you all in these days and the days ahead. 

Pastor Mary