May 26th

When I turned 60 (way back when!), you gave me a wonderful birthday gift. Most of you responded to the invitation to do 60 acts of kindness in my honor over a month of giving thanks. Then everyone turned in a card telling me what you had done. 

It was the best set of gifts I’ve ever received! Some made meals for people, some said prayers, some wrote notes but the focus was giving to others. It confirmed the saying that we have used often: “the church has left the building.” 

Doing this last month before my retirement I want to give a month of thanksgiving to you. In worship I will be offering up thanksgiving for the ministry we have shared over these last 10 years. This Sunday, of course, it is a day of thanksgiving for the whole church — for the Holy Spirit that brings the church to life. As we often pray, “Lord, set our hearts on fire with love for you!”

Of course, I know it is also Memorial Day weekend — we give thanks and are touched by the lives of those who have died while serving in the military. Their lives serve as examples to us of the commitment made for a cause greater than simply one’s own well being. 

I hope to see you on Sunday. Thanks be to God for all of the ways  our hearts are set on fire with love for God. 

Grace and peace, 
Pastor Mary

P.S. As I write this I hear music in the Village Green shelter and people are everywhere getting into holiday spirit. A beautiful weekend to enjoy Nashville and the Cultural Arts village!