July 14th

Roy’s Ramblings

In the Pixar movie “Up” one of my favorite characters is introduced…Dug the Dog. A fun loving, willing to please, simple pup that is always loyal to the cause and to his master. By technology of the antagonist master mind we are able to hear what the dogs of this movie are saying and by the whimsical
creativity of the animators we see these dogs in all of their “dogness”. We see their playfulness, their serious side (mainly in the guard dogs), their mannerisms – that anyone who has ever had a dog recognize immediately. But, one of the main traits we see in Dug is that he gets distracted easily…“SQUIRREL”!

I think one of the main reasons that I love Dug so much is that I can relate to him. I too want to be loyal to my master and to the cause – read that last part as Jesus and the Mission of the Church – but I get distracted…“SQUIRREL”! So I guess I write these few lines to tell you (and me) that it is ok to sometimes get distracted…to take the road less traveled…to explore and search…to chase a squirrel…as long as we come back into focus on the Mission and on the Love and Teachings of Jesus.