July 7th

Roy’s Ramblings

Greetings all, I pray you are well and I am so very much looking forward to meeting all of you. I want to continue the tradition here at NUMC of sending a Friday email to keep everyone informed, educated, and entertained. And so, with a lot of help from Josh, here is the first of many emails to come. This Sunday we are going to do what we do: Love and Worship God, Love All (those present, and those that are yet to become friends), and Serve Joyously (local and abroad).

Many folks have already come by the office to say hello and so many more have done so much to make our transition amazing. The Parsonage is beautiful, the food that has been given has been so very yummy, the cards and emails have been supportive and uplifting, and the community has been warm and welcoming. Thank You to all that have been a part of this experience.

Now let’s talk Sunday. Our first Sunday together will be July 9 and we are going to meet, greet, laugh, cry, sing, pray, and hopefully start a lifelong friendship. I will be the first to say that I am NOT Pastor Mary…but…she is also NOT me. I will not know the stories or the history, but we will eventually make our own. So to wrap this up…come Sunday and worship with us, if you can’t make it for whatever reason, know that we are praying for you. When you come, wear your name tag, enjoy the time together and share a story or two – And above all else – Be Blessed so that You Can Be A Blessing to Others.

~Pastor Roy