September 8th

Roy’s Ramblings

I was in a meeting this week and a question was asked: Where do we find unchurched people? Well, my first knee jerk reaction was … everywhere. But, then I thought for a moment about what they were actually asking. The real question was: I truly want to invite people to church, but I don’t have a clue where to find folks that would be willing to come because I don’t have an established relationship with anyone who doesn’t already go to church somewhere.

            I mentioned in a sermon a few weeks ago that I start every morning in prayer and that I always end my prayer time with: Lord, send me the people that no one else wants. And, wow, is God faithful. If we just pause from our life agenda … If we just slow down a little … If we just look around us for a few minutes … we will all find folks that don’t attend church, who don’t have a relationship with God; who are looking for a friend. The issue is usually that we don’t see them as someone that we can relate to or with. Many times we are stopped by their outward appearance, or their background, or an age difference, or any number of other reasons.

            So this Sunday we will hear the parable of the lost sheep found in Luke. Jesus says that the shepherd will leave the 99 to go to look for the one. Seems kinda silly. Leaving 99 sheep to fend for themselves while you look for the one … that doesn’t make the odds. Forget the one, cut your losses. It is just one sheep for heaven’s sake. But … what if that one … was you? Kinda changes our perspective a little bit doesn’t it? So, this week we look for the one. We pray for the one. We make a difference to the one. Whoever the one might be.

Be Blessed so that you may Bless Others – Pastor Roy