October 13th

Roy’s Ramblings

So this past Tuesday I was invited to join the Brown County Habitat for Humanity Board … Wednesday they voted me in … and Thursday Josh and I went to work on the current home build with the crew. It was amazing – working together for a great cause, laughing, teaching, learning, all the while creating a beautiful living space for a local family … ok so we got some walls built – but it is a start. The crew wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did without our help; without our participation; without us showing up.

This coming Sunday we are going to continue our four part sermon series on stewardship by discussing: Being Present / Participating. Much of the world has fallen into a modern belief that Christianity is all about an inward decision, an internal choice, inviting Christ into our hearts. I do not feel that the Biblical Jesus teaches this. Jesus is constantly telling his disciples to go, feed, clothe, teach, heal, etc. In fact most of what Jesus does is external to impact those around him – to challenge the status quo – to make a difference. Oh, I know, Jesus paused to pray, he took naps, he attended dinners and parties … and we are called to do the same so that we can recharge our Spiritual Batteries to: go, feed, clothe, etc.

Sunday we will be looking at John 15:5-8 (Vine and branches) where Jesus says, “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” How do we show fruit? By showing up, by participating, by making a difference to those around us, by following the example of Jesus himself.

So I encourage all of us to continue to step out of our comfort zones and stay active for the Kingdom. If you aren’t called to help with Habitat that’s ok – find another avenue. Start or help with a church ministry … get involved with a social organization … feed someone in one of our community food programs … be creative and launch something new. Whatever it is; I encourage you to stay active, be present, and make a difference to someone somewhere.

Be Blessed so that you may be a Blessing – Pastor Roy