November 10

Roy’s Ramblings

​So today’s ramblings are multi faceted. First, reminders … this Sunday, November 12, is “The Church Has Left the Building” we start at church at 9am with Scripture, Devotions, and Prayer. Then we break up into groups to go into the world making a difference. Some of these jobs are physical (raking leaves, cleaning gutters, etc.), some are relational (visiting the nursing home, visiting our shut-ins, etc.), some of our jobs are Spiritual (Prayer walk, card making, etc) and some of our jobs are support (making lunch, being a contact at the church, etc.). All are equally important, all are needed, all are making a difference. Second reminder, on November 19th we are celebrating 75 years of our Triptych in the front of the Sanctuary as well as having our Thanksgiving Dinner at noon, then at 6pm our come to the community hymn sing. Third reminder, on November 26 we will be having our hanging of the greens. Come ready to work, we will have our regular light refreshments right after church, but then we will hang lights and wreaths, put up trees and place all the greens. Come with ideas and a willingness to make the building festive.

Now with that being said … here is the ramblings part. Thanks so much to everyone who is making all of this happen. All who are planning and working in the community to make things better for so many – thanks to all that are doing things behind the scenes to fill in any gaps. Thanks to those who are providing food. Thanks to those who are bring a sense of tradition in an ever changing world and for letting the next generation have a sense of belonging and ownership. And most importantly … Thank You All for being the hands and feet of Christ Himself to share God’s Love into all the world.

Bless Others as God has Blessed You – Pastor Roy