December 29

Roy’s Ramblings

So I’m on vacation this week and it has given me time to read, rest, eat, share time with friends and family, celebrate an anniversary, play games, do crafts, and look toward 2024. With that comes some time of reflection for some New Years Resolutions.

​The big ones are always on there: lose weight, eat better, exercise more … most of you know this list. But, I have been thinking of other stuff too: love more / hate less, pray more / worry less, celebrate joy more / fear less, encourage more / criticize less – these are spiritual and lofty. Maybe I need to do more concrete things: read more scriptures, visit more, invite more to church/the kingdom, practice sabbath better … hmmm.

​It seems like the more I think about things the more about me needs work. I am so very far form the perfect person I want to be; but I am also so very far from the whack-a-doodle I once was. I guess I (like all of us) are a work in progress. So for 2024 I resolve to be better than I currently am, knowing that I will still have a way to go when it is over.

Bless You All – And may we all do better this coming year. – Pastor Roy

PS – there is no 5th Sunday Meal this Sunday because of the holidays.

PSS – We are in need of pork and bean donations for the weekend backpack program.

PSSS- Lauren, Kaleb, and I want to thank everyone for all of the special treats, gifts, visits, prayers and other blessings we have received over the holidays – we love you all!!!