January 12

Roy’s Ramblings

When I was about 12 years old my home church asked me to preach one Sunday when our Pastor was on vacation. I talked about what the church was and that it was all about the people and not the building or the programs or the music choice or anything else except how folks love God and each other. I even used hand motions: This is the church, and This is the steeple, open the doors and here are the people. After church that Sunday I was told by several that they felt that I had a calling by God. I had no idea what that meant.

Years went by and in High School and even College I felt God nudging me to do something … but I wasn’t sure what. So I went along with life doing the best I could with family and friends and everything else, I continued to attend church and do … “stuff”. Then in ’95 I attended a retreat where I received my final call into ministry … I said yes.

So in my ponderings and ramblings I want to tell everyone … you are being called too. Maybe not into full time pulpit ministry, maybe not into working for a church or a non profit helping others organization – but you as a Christian are being called into action. I haven’t actually looked at the membership of our church and cross referenced who volunteers where … but I was told by a member the other day that at least 75% of our church is actively involved in hands on ministry somewhere doing something. Read that again … 75%!!! That is AWESOME!!!

So I want to say, “Thank You”. On behalf of the church, the Kingdom, the ones being helped, and personally – Thank You So Very Much. Is there more that can be done? Sure. Is there always going to be someone that needs help, advice, care, love …God? Yup. Are you the perfect person to help? Yes you are. Are you already helping and ministering? Probably. But, God continues to call all of us into active duty each and every day. So I encourage you to accept God’s nudging and say: Yes!!

Bless you all – Pastor Roy