January 19

Roy’s Ramblings

Every once in a while we need to look at our lives and start something new. This week, at church, we look at Matthew Chapter 3 where Jesus gets baptized and starts his public ministry. We try so hard to follow the example of Jesus in all that we do and this is no different. At our baptism we claim the life and actions of Christians everywhere to follow the teachings and example of Jesus. (In infant Baptism, our parents pledge for us until we can make the decision for ourselves). In any angle we look at it … it is a new start; just like Jesus.

So here we are: January of 2024 and it is time to look at what we are going to accomplish this year. So let’s start. Planning: In anything we wish to accomplish we need to plan. One of the biggest ministries that we do here in Nashville is FallFare. (We have done, and do, other huge ministries: Refugee Family, Backpacks, Mission Trips, Feeding, Housing, etc.) But let’s face it 52nd year and still going strong. So we need to start planning. Has anyone received word from God yet that you are to be this year’s FallFare Captain? A nudging? A whisper? It is time to step up – step out. The rest of us have your back and will support you; but we need your “Yes”. How about the rest of the calendar? Eclipse is coming in April. Are we ready for the 65,000 folks planning on coming to Nashville that weekend? How about new ministry … anyone have any new ideas they want to run up the flagpole? (Sunshine Friends, Angst Movie, etc.) These are “New” ideas that have taken off and are becoming a real and substantial thing. Now is the time to present them and get them going.

Financing: we turned in our pledge cards, committees have turned in their budget requests – Church Council meets this coming Tuesday to set the 2024 budget. And then we support our church with our gifts, tithes and offerings. (Time, efforts, and talents too … but that is a different ramblings). We are all in this together – pulling as one – giving to accomplish Kingdom work – making a difference.

Action: Let’s make this happen!! Church is a verb!! Hands and Feet of Jesus!! Make Disciples to Change the World!! Git’ Er Done!! Whatever it takes to make a new start; to accomplish our dreams and goals; to bring the Kingdom of God near; that is what we need to do in 2024. John Wesley is credited with this quote: Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as ever you can. Pretty good stuff here … Let’s do this!!

Praying for a Great 2024 and beyond – Blessings All – Pastor Roy