February 16

Roy’s Ramblings

8 Track Tapes, Carbon Paper, Betamax, Land Line Telephone, Pagers, Abacus, Buggy Whips, Boot Hooks, Phone Books, Typewriters … What do all of these things have in common?? Take your time … I’ll wait. Yup, you got it, all of these things are considered obsolete. Oh, I know you are now having an argument in your head saying, “But every single one of these things still work.” – Or – “They still do exactly what they ever did.” And you are correct. But, some other invention has come along that does the work better, or faster, or different.

And so, we come to church. Uh Oh – (He’s gone from Rambling to Meddling) Many folks in today’s world consider church to be obsolete. I mean let’s face it. What happens in church? Music … I can download millions of songs to my iPhone – Scripture Reading … I have 40+ translations at my fingertips on my computer that can be read to me by a professional that doesn’t mispronounce Nebuchadnezzar or Melchizedek – Preaching … I can jump on YouTube and hear hundreds of sermons from some of the greatest preachers of our time; and do it any time of the day and any day of the week. I can do Bible studies, meditate, gather in small groups on Zoom, all from the comfort of my own home (in my jammies) – good grief – I can even take communion with the little cup and waffer “Communion Happy Meal Kits”. So, I have to ask, “Is Church Obsolete??”

Well, I personally do not think Church is obsolete; but, it is changing. Pastor Mary sent me an article the other day titled: The Church Isn’t Dying. It’s Being Remade. (If anyone wants to read this article let me know I’ll forward it to you). It tells of churches changing to be a cafe’ or coffee house, churches gathering in a brewery or a bakery, church happening in and around the church kitchen instead of the sanctuary … addressing lonely people and food insecurities. And many more ideas.

Church, as a verb, is becoming more and more the norm. (A daily reenactment of: The Church Has Left the Building) Is there a place for the gathering of people to sing, hear Scripture, and get revelations from a “Sage on the Stage”? Absolutely!! But, there are also benefits for thinking and acting outside of the traditional box and reaching a new audience. Our mission is to Make Disciples to Transform the World – the possible ways to do this are infinite. So, think and act boldly. Invite others to come along for the ride (or even to take the wheel). Think and dream big – remember God is on our side and truly wants us to succeed. Let us not go the way of Avocado Green Refrigerators, Corset’s and Bustle’s, or even Mutton Chops … rather let us be a beacon of light to a dark world and meet the need of those who need Christ and the Church the most.

Blessings My Friends – Pastor Roy