February 9

Roy’s Ramblings

This coming Sunday is Scout Sunday – a service where we celebrate all things scouting. We will have young people serving as greeters, ushers, and liturgist. We may have some special music or readings. We will start the service with the presentation of the flags along with pledges and oaths. This will be a special Sunday to honor scouting.

            Why do we do scouts? What is Scouting all about? Who is involved? All of these are great questions. First, we do scouts as a ministry of our church. We sponsor/charter them as a way to make a difference in a young person’s life; to mold and create in them a chance to accomplish great things and experience activities that they may not have the opportunities otherwise. Second, Scouting is all about nurturing and learning in a safe and inviting environment. As beginning scouts, many young people do not have the life skills needed to succeed in the world. But, through scouting, older members and leaders guide them in various life skills, teachings, and activities to educate not only intellectually, but also through physical tests as well as games and play. And, Third, we are all involved in scouting. Some of us are directly associated; we were scouts, our kids were scouts, and/or we are scout leaders. Some of us sponsor scouts financially and spiritually (praying for the participants and leaders alike). And some of us are involved by helping wherever and whenever we can. (Buying scout popcorn, scout cookies, providing space for meetings, etc.) Everyone helps out with scouting!

            So this Sunday we will honor the ministry of scouting and ask God to continue to Bless them in wonderful and fantastic ways. And … after church we will celebrate with a chili luncheon in the fellowship hall.  So you can’t beat that!

Blessings to you all – Pastor Roy

PS – Remember also that it is “Soup”er Bowl Sunday – bring a can (or more) of soup to add to the shopping cart in the foyer to be given to one of our food ministries of Brown County.

Blessings upon you and yours – Pastor Roy