March 29

Roy’s Ramblings

We come to the end of Lent – the period of preparation for Easter. We have fasted … sacrificed … remembered … repented. We have experienced blessings and pain. And now … this past week we have gone from “Hosanna” to “Crucify Him” … from Palms to the Tomb … from Life to Death. And now we wait. We wait to see what happens. We wait to see the women gather – to experience – to witness – to evangelize. We wait to see the disciples reaction – the Romans reaction – the religious leaders reaction – our reaction. We Wait.

It’s not about the chocolate, or the eggs, or what we have given up or what we have taken on … it’s especially not about the bunny. It is all about the resurrection – the eternal life – the gift freely offered – and accepted. It is about the Gospel Story and how we are called to be disciples, evangelists, examples and mentors. It’s all about welcoming all into the Kingdom and following Jesus’ teachings (Feeding, Clothing, Helping, Loving). It’s all about God’s Grace, Love, and Forgiveness.

We are Post Easter People. We know the rest of the story. We are blessed so that we may go into the world to bless others. Does that mean we are perfect? No. Does that mean we don’t have doubts? No. Does that mean the we all think, act, and believe exactly the same way? No. It means that we have a common mission and goal and that when we fall short God is there to help us get back on track to continue being One in the Spirit.

So, Bless You, Post Easter People. And may we see each other this coming Sunday starting with a light, informal Breakfast of Sweets and Coffee at 9 am (ish) with kids hunting eggs in the Sunday School Rooms at 9:30 am (ish) followed by our Easter Celebration Service at 10:30 am.

Hallelujah – He Is Risen … He Is Risen Indeed!!!

Love, Peace and Blessings – Pastor Roy