May 24

Roy’s Ramblings

About a month ago I was listening to a podcast from a pastor friend of mine and he used the illustration of the tombstone dash (no this is not a track event). What he was saying is that everything has a beginning and an end. Obviously life … but there are other things as well – (businesses, clubs, organizations, seasons, etc.). His point being is that we usually celebrate the start of new things with open houses, parties, ribbon cutting, plaques, and lots of pictures. We also celebrate the end of things with ceremonies, services, gifts, songs, and remembrances. But, what we do not do well is to celebrate the stuff that comes between these two points … the dash.

 So, this has had me thinking … what is our dash and how do we celebrate it? Oh, we remember the “Good Old Days” when the church was full all the time and we had all kinds of money and scheduling during the week was an issue because we had so much going on and … (at least this is how many folks remember it and have relayed the stories to me). Also, I have heard form the “Soothsayers” that are predicting the end of times on a daily bases. You know the ones: “The whole church is coming to an end – Nobody loves God or Jesus anymore – We are out of money, time and effort – etc., etc., etc.” And to be honest, there are churches that have closed since the pandemic and there are more that close each and every week. But … we are still in our dash.

 The dash is ministry: Making Disciples to Change the World, helping, nurturing, teaching, welcoming, loving. The dash is when we are alive and making a difference … when we are following the example of Jesus and never meeting strangers; just friends we do not know yet … when we are making a difference to that one; thinking starfish … when we are sharing of ourselves to folks that are starving for relationships … that is when we are living into the dash.

We serve a living God that has given us the living Word and a Spirit that fully lives within us. So, lets get busy living into our calling and living into the Kingdom. And while we are at it; lets bring as many folks along for the ride as we can. So all of those ready for the Tombstone Dash … Get on your mark, get set, GO!!!

Let’s Bless Someone Today – Love Ya’

Pastor Roy