May 31

Roy’s Ramblings

So, there is a wedding at Nashville UMC this weekend and for as long as I can remember I quote the Priest from the movie Princess Bride for the rehearsal. (I do not use this in the actual ceremony) and (If you are unfamiliar with this quote … check out the meme I used for this article.) Weddings are amazing. It is a time for families to come together to tell stories, to catch up on life happenings, to get family photos, to eat, to laugh, to love. But, as the quote says: Marriage is what brings us together!!

This couple is awesome!! Both come form great families. Both know who the are and where they are going in life. Both are going to give 100% to make the most of their life together; and this makes me so very happy. They Get It!!! A great marriage is something that we all want for anyone that is married and especially for those that are getting married. But, it isn’t always easy … marriage is work. Heck, all relationships are work.

If you have friends, or family, or co-workers, or classmates, or neighbors, or anyone else that you have a relationship with … you have work to do. Sharing moments with each other is special; and in the church we share lots of these moments in worship, or in ministry, or even outside the church … and we connect. Does that mean that we know each other well? To be honest … there are some folks that I am still learning names and backgrounds … but I’m working on it. See … relationships require work. Does that mean that if we share a pew together that we will automatically connect? Nope … there are folks that don’t understand me (nor I them) and probably never will. But that is ok too. The real treat is that we are all still welcome and that we are still trying to build that relationship.
So whatever: brings us together today – let us celebrate the journey together and be thankful.

Love And Blessings – Pastor Roy