June 28

Roy’s Ramblings

We have all received gifts in our lives – Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Achievement, … there are many reasons to receive a gift. Sometimes though the best gifts are the unexpected gifts that are given for absolutely no reason other than the gift giver wants to bless someone with a gift. Sometimes, it is some little something that caught the giver’s eye and made them think of the recipient. Sometimes, the giver hears that the receiver is in need, and therefore it is a gift to help. Sometimes, the giver has been through a tough time and wants to make sure that another person doesn’t have to suffer through the same thing, and so, with a simple gift … trauma is avoided.

In our Gospel Lesson (Mark 5:21-43) this week we hear of Jesus going to visit a sick girl and is side-tracked by a woman of great faith that says, “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” Such Faith … Such Power … What a Gift!!! And, in our other lesson (2 Corinthians 8:7-15) we hear the words of Paul saying, “Since you excel in everything – faith, speech, knowledge, earnestness and love … see also that you excel in the grace of giving.

Giving gifts, whether they are material things … or acts of kindness, is an extension of the arm of God. We are so very blessed by an abundance of: material things, knowledge, emotions, experiences, love, etc. that we should make it a practice of giving gifts to someone every single day of our lives. Many years ago there was a slogan/phenomenon that traveled around the globe: Random Acts Of Kindness. Let us never tire of blessing others with our gifts – after all … everything we have is a gift from God – why shouldn’t we want to give it to others??

I Pray we are Blessed Beyond our Wildest Dreams – And That we Give those Blessings to Others – Pastor Roy