June 7

Roy’s Ramblings

So, it is Annual Conference Time. “What exactly does that mean?”, you may ask. Well, it is an annual meeting of Pastors, Lay Persons, Support Staff, Guests and Visitors to come together to hear amazing music, inspired worship, reports about the church and church sponsored entities, and to fellowship and pray together for four days. There will be a remembrance service for all clergy and spouses that have died this past year, there will be a service of recognition for those retiring, and there will be a time to recognize those entering into ministry …  blessing some, commissioning some and ordaining some.

I look forward to Annual Conference each year to catch up with friends and colleagues, that I only see at Annual Conference, and to hear about the amazing ministry that they and others are accomplishing in their local congregations and around the world. I love to walk around to the various booth venues to get ideas of ways that our local congregation can be more active in some area or aspect of the global church. And, I truly love to tell the story of our local church and all of the many ministries that we have going on to inspire others to walk along with us and/or take that ministry back to their local congregation. It is truly a “Sharing of Ideas Network” at its finest.

So, for the next four days (yes I am writing this on Wednesday morning) Lauren and I, along with Dick Young our Annual Conference Representative and many others will be hearing reports, worshipping, eating and fellowshipping together and we will report back on Sunday what all happened. Pray for your leadership, pray for the Annual Conference, pray for our Bishop and pray for our church and the outcomes to come.

Blessings to/for Us All – Pastor Roy

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