July 28th

Roy’s Ramblings

How do you see yourself? I’m not necessarily meaning physically looking at yourself and describing your physical characteristics; but actually more of a personality, spiritually, humanity kind of a way. Are you kind? Giving? Loving? Or maybe you are more Tired? Grumpy? Curmudgeon like? Or more likely somewhere in between? Whatever your feelings are … are you aware of how you present yourself to the world? I ask this mainly to make

us aware that sometimes we do not realize how we present ourselves to others or even to ourselves.

Recently on a quick trip to Bloomington, I was cut off in traffic by a Prius that was covered in bumper stickers. Everything from peace signs and environmental awareness to Christian/Spiritual awareness and more. Well, since this driver almost took off my front bumper (it actually wasn’t that close, but at the time it startled me) I gave a quick toot on my horn. The driver repaid my horn sounding with a quick wave. (Although not all five fingers were used).

So, that has me wondering … how are we seen by others by the way we present ourselves? This past week I got my official “Church Uniform” embroidered polo shirts. I will wear them to church, to events, around town, pretty much all over to promote not only NUMC but Christianity as a whole. And, in doing this, I realize that I represent not only my local church … but the Kingdom of God. Isn’t that what we all do all the time when we claim to be Christian? Don’t we claim that we will live with Jesus as our example? Don’t we claim to the world that we truly want to feed the hungry, guide the lost, visit with the imprisoned … uh … act like Christ?

And this brings me back to my original question that we will discuss in church this week – How do you see yourself? And, How do others see us as well?

Just something to Ponder – Be Blessed and a Blessing

Pastor Roy