April 12

Roy’s Ramblings

April Showers bring May Flowers and we all know what May Flowers Bring … Pilgrims. Ok so that is an old corny joke but it does give a glimpse into this Sunday’s Theme: Possibilities. The Pilgrims were looking for a new land to grow and prosper – a land of possibilities. This time of year always has me thinking about gardening. Breaking the soil, laying out the pattern, getting the seeds and seedlings into the ground, weeding, nurturing, feeding, watering. Yup, nothings feels better than spending hundreds of dollars to get a 50 cent tomato. <Sorry bad joke number two>

But this also brings us to this weeks theme: Possibilities. We start a new sermon series this Sunday – Waking Through the Garden; and we start with looking at the possibilities we are given. Anytime you start a garden you have to do the prep work first: remove rocks, weeds, last years leftovers, etc. Then you must break the ground and add amenities, and then you can plant. But, from the very beginning there are possibilities. What will this seed produce, will we have a good season, what will this new variety of tomato look and taste like?

We are still in the Easter season, and so this week we are going to hear the story of Mary coming to the tomb looking for Jesus and finding the “Gardener”. The Empty Tomb also has so many possibilities as does the resurrection itself. In fact, our faith, our church, our way of life: all have such wonderful possibilities for fruitfulness and growth.

So come along on a journey with us as we “Walk Through the Garden” this Easter season and enjoy the ride. You never know, we may plant some seeds, we may see or participate in a skit, we may hear some familiar poetry or music or even experience some silence and prayer. These next four weeks are going to be a little bit different than our “norm”. So again, Come Along!!

Blessings to You and Yours – Pastor Roy