August 25th

Roy’s Ramblings

In my younger days when I was keeping my resume’ updated, making sure my portfolio had all of my most current projects in it, and I was filling out applications for employment … I took a one day seminar on: How to get noticed. It was very rewarding and taught me much about how I presented myself on paper and in person. I received many call backs as I applied for teaching positions across Indiana and Kentucky and also received many offers for employment.

Then, as I left that profession and started my path in ministry (especially in an appointment system) I had less and less need to look good in a resume’ or portfolio and I had a greater need to make myself known to my Bishop and to the Cabinet. (Those of you that are well versed in the UMC will know that the Cabinet is simply all of the District Superintendents). So anytime I had the chance I would tell someone of the amazing things that were happening at the church that I currently pastored. I told stories of mission trips, small groups, sermon series ideas, and many other ways that ministry was happening in and around the community.

Well, I’m a little older now, and I pray that I am wiser too. I have absolutely no desire to climb any kind of corporate ladder, nor do I wish to achieve immortal greatness in some UMC museum for outstanding clergy. No, I want to get noticed these days as the pastor that loves people … all people. I want to get noticed as the pastor who shares the gospel of Jesus Christ by following and exemplifying the example He set forth. I want to get noticed as the pastor who leads a group of people to accomplish the mission of making disciples to change the world for the better.

What if, by doing all of that … the church grows? Or, lives are changed? Or, the community is changed? What happens if through prayer, or giving, or sharing, or listening or any other action … a single life is made better? What effect will my ministry, our ministry, the church’s ministry have on the Kingdom of God as a whole? And, who will notice? Well, I pray everyone will notice and will smile … but I really hope and pray that God will notice and say: Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants. Make a difference to someone today and give God the honor, the glory, and the praise. It truly isn’t about us getting noticed to get the praise or reward … it is all about being the hands and feet of God.

Be Blessed and a Blessing,

Pastor Roy