February 23

Roy’s Ramblings

Someone sent me this parable the other day from an undocumented source: A man was out walking one day and he heard a voice, “Pick up some stones from the path and put them in your pocket, and tomorrow you will be both sorry and glad.” So the man thought that this was strange, but none the less stooped down and gathered several stones and placed them in his pocket. The next morning he reached into his pocket and found diamonds, and rubies, and emeralds instead of cobblestones. And immediately he understood, for he was now both sorry and glad … sorry he had not taken more but glad he had taken some. – So the question is: what are your stones?

This parable touched me as I have pondered it meaning this past week – for I have many stones in my life that were simply left on the path. Let me relate just a few: First is my education. As I look back on my childhood I had such possibilities (Didn’t we all?) To read, to learn, to achieve! Possibilities to earn the grades that would have led to scholarships and beyond. But, so many times other things came before my studies and I did just what was needed to get by.

Second, the possibilities to travel. How many sites and destinations around the world have we only read about or seen pictures of in magazines or books? How many cultures have we only experienced at the World Showcase at Epcot or at themed restaurants? I joke often about the fact that the only foreign language I ever took was English. (My native tongue in Kentucky Hillbilly) But, now (for me at least) it seems like most of all of that is beyond reach (for many reasons) … especially learning a second language.

My third and final stone left on the path sometimes feels like a combination Church/Religion/Faith/God. Oh, I know … I’m supposed to be the expert. I’ve been to seminary and educated on these things. But, I find each and every day that there is something that has escaped me; passed me by; got left on the path. I also find that the more I read and study that some of my hardcore, solid as stone, unchanging and unwavering beliefs aren’t as solid as I once thought they were. I know that the professional term is “deconstruction and rebuilding” of our faith, but it does cause more questions than answers.

So, what are your stones left on the path?? Career? Life Choices? Family? Friends? Financials? I encourage you to stop and pick them up … even if it seems like it may be too little and/or too late. I too will take on this challenge and try to figure out what new stones to gather. Maybe, just maybe, we will be more glad than sorry and find the gemstones in our pockets in the morning.

Bless You and Keep You My Friends – Pastor Roy